Update on the Jamfest with the band Jamwave!

So last night was crazy! Jamwave did a great performance and tons of cincyunderground.com shout outs! Joey the lead singer is one of the most humble but inspirational people! The songs they play all mean something to the band and

Interview With Singer/Songwriter Kevin Ross

Hey all you undergrounders!!! We had the best day EVER yesterday! Our Dj's partnered up with 100.3 R&B and the Wiz to interview singer/songwriter Kevin Ross! He has done "Glade" commercials, NBA spots, featured on the hit show "Grey's Anatomy"

Live From The Underground


We want YOU!!!

Cincyunderground.com is starting up Live from the Underground again!!! We bring bands into our studio to do an acoustic live performance. This performance is also recorded so we can play it later on cincyunderground.com

DJ for a Day!!!

Here at Cincyunderground.com we wanted to let the voices be heard! Not only are we looking for Cincinnati Local Unsigned Artists, but we are also looking for on air talent for the station!!! If you think you have what it

Jam Wave the Band!

This band is awesome! Reggea and acoustic sounds that are really fun and hip! Take a listen now, and be there March 16th at Queen City Radio in OTR/Downtown Cincinnati to check them out live! You know cincyunderground.com  will be…

So You Didn’t Get The Job

So you did’t get the job… You really want to know why? Your interview probably sucked.

So I don’t want to offend anyone, because goodness knows I’m probably gonna get really politically “incorrect” real quick. However, I guarantee that the…



Cincyundergound is now on SOUNDCLOUD! 

Listen to our new spots for Queen City Radio Bar!

Spots for QCR


Queen City Radio

We are excited to announce that cincyunderground will be doing some live remotes at Queen City Radio a few times per month! This is an awesome bar with awesome people involved. They are located on the corner of 12th and…


How To Get An Agent

I’m going to start out by saying “I am clearly not famous”…however, I’ve worked with people who are, and I’ve followed my own advice and (slowly) I’m getting gigs. Starting out, you aren’t going to be a Brad Pitt, but…