Ryan Seacrest-Written By Brandi Thomas

So it seems as if the unemployment line has found it's problem!! It's Ryan Seacrest. The 42 year old Producer & Host just landed another job. Kelly Ripa of  "Live w/ Kelly"  just announced Ryan Seacrest will be her new co-host. Ryan seems excited but; we've got to ask? When does he sleep? Ryan not only will be the co-host of "Live" but his list of jobs is quite interesting. He is executive producer of "Keeping up with the Kardashians". He also has his syndicated radio show in LA on KISS FM. Last but not least he also executive produces and co-host Dick Clarks's New Year's Eve show which he has taken over since the passing of the legend. Now he will wil be adding another gig to his long resume. Look out Ryan, I'm coming for one of those jobs. Ryan's first appearance was today and he definitely was front and center! Check Kelly and Ryan out everyday Monday thru Friday on "Live with Kelly and Ryan at 9:00am/eastern time on ABC! Not only is Ryan an inspiration to us Media students but he's laid the platform to hard work, determination and a Dream will land you in the right places. Congratulations Ryan on all of your successes and keep up the good work. 

To see a clip of the show "Live with Kelly and Ryan", Click here!

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