2017 Billboard Awards-Written By Jamiko-Gilbert Rice 

Okay guys unless you were hiding under a rock. We have all heard about the 2017 billboard awards by now. Here are some of the highlights. Hosted by rapper turned actor Luda and the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens. Now enough of that ! Right? Lets touch a little of some of the performances. Miley Cyrus who's usually half naked and having a twerking contest ( no shade) Was surprisedly toned down this year and more focused on the music which got rather emotional at the end. Drake who took home the award for top…

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Branding with Social Media-Written By Jennifer Laubach 

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I know that branding on social media can be a job in its-self…but it’s an important one. Some how, broadcasting has evolved to include things like Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other various forms of “media”. These forms of media have made a real impact on the world of broadcasting, some for better and some for worse. 

In this era, millennials and their phones rule the world. Facebook is where they get…

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Ryan Seacrest-Written By Brandi Thomas 

So it seems as if the unemployment line has found it's problem!! It's Ryan Seacrest. The 42 year old Producer & Host just landed another job. Kelly Ripa of  "Live w/ Kelly"  just announced Ryan Seacrest will be her new co-host. Ryan seems excited but; we've got to ask? When does he sleep? Ryan not only will be the co-host of "Live" but his list of jobs is quite interesting. He is executive producer of "Keeping up with the Kardashians". He also has his syndicated radio show in LA on KISS FM. Last but not…

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GoSunStove-Written By Brenden Davis  

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If someone came up to me a month ago and told me, “I just cooked dinner with no heat, no electricity, fuel or power,” I would probably call the nearest mental health facility and inquire about a room for said person. If however, said person was visionary entrepreneur and environmentalist Patrick Sherwin (those being only a couple of his various job titles), I would be the one looking foolish. 

Entrepreneur Patrick Sherwin being interviewed by…

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Mac's Pizza Pub- Written By Henderson Lyons 

Have you ever been to a family bar? FAMILY BAR, that's right! Mac's Pizza Pub has two pool tables, three bars, ski ball, darts and more! The pizza is home-made and freshly prepared every day from the dough to the sauce. After landing in Covington, Kentucky one year ago, Mac's Pizza Pub has become an important part of Mainstrausse. Mac's strives to provide guests with an experience rarely seen from a pizza oven. They are available for parties and get togethers as well! They serve pizza, chicken, burgers…